Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Day2 professional oils

Day two. The Im-primature stage complete.

Direct painting. This is the method of his Pizzaro
Today we were going to copy van Gough painting.

Martin demonstrated big brush technique using translate decent oil paint mixed 50-50 with mediumon a short ground.
Martin divided the painting into stages which he described as one

1Big brush technique
2To blocking in large areas

3Three refining into small areas and detail

4 Impasto
 painting techniques using chalk with oil paint 

The pallet of colours.

Stage 2 stage complete painting still very dry to the touch.
Stage 3
After lunch Martin demonstrated the final stages
Martin demonstrated using smaller brushes a number 4 Filber
fat on to lean
Lean being the Im preimature 
And mixed oil paint 
Stage 5 impasto paint using a pallet knife 
 Martin mixed chalk. Into his white paint 50 percent this dryer out tmade the white think and luminous paste.
Think focal point 
Impasto on the Red
Use slight  cool blue with the White to make the white come foreword.
Final results 

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