Thursday, 4 February 2016

Day 3 Professional oils

Day three 
Norfolk painting school
E'bauche Techniques
Painting by Edward Seago

Martin gave a talk about  Gridaille and E'bauche painting.
The classically taught techniques of oil painting .
 The term is applied to  the early sketch of a painting .
It is also called a silhouette or cut out  from the practice of all watchmaking.
The impressionists were criticised by calling their work E’ gauche.
Artists that have used the technique for Sir Joh Sergeant Walter Sicket Turner and Corote.

Stage 1,The first thing you do is make the soup which is a mixture of transparent red black and medium.

stage 2 paint this over the boul ground coloured with yellow raw mineral pigment  and then rub it out you can   also use a scraper for a sgraffito .

Stage 3,block in you black in your darks 

Stage 4, add opacity with paint and model the forms.
My study 

We learned about Range how you can distinguish different areas of paint 
Techniques you can use 
Value -counter change light to dark
Optical – transparency  or opacity
Temperature- warm and cold 
Detail – focus or blurred 
A bridge , is a area of line or any of the above.

In the afternoon 
We did a direct painting study 
Worked from. 

  Walter Richard Sickert

Stage 1 sketch out  with pencil       
Stage 2 mix in the basic background colours till they are perfectly dry rag them in place .
Stage three draw in pencil again the basics shapes.

Stage 4 using eight filbert brush painting the lines ‘ bridges’-using black.

Stage 5 begin building up in colour patches  making Opaque paint  keeping your colour       
stage  6  add fore ground strong detail and whites also  primary colours.

My study 

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