Sunday, 13 June 2010

Helicopter close to Dorset Arts Weeks

Visited by fellow artist from Southampton BrendaUllrich ( originally from Zimbabwe) check out her web site her work is beautiful and exciting...
finally after the most wonderful day the Beach Hut closed with a specially arranged waving fly past by the HM Coastguard especially for me and D.V.A!

Member( of the breakaway holidays) Rowena bough a small postcard .

Inez Schrader

last day

Sunday 13 June Last day of Dorset Art Weeks 2010
Well what a beautiful day crystal clear skies and glorious golden light.
The best attendance of visitors to the Beach Hut all making the most of the last few hours of open studios. Poole Printmaker member and artist Inez Schrider gave me very encouraging feedback comments. ' The beach hut theme was fully in keeping with the spirit of D.A.W. open studios keeping the profile on the local art's and not the large corporate galleries and business.' I. Schrider.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Saturday 12th June
Sizzling supper day reading Gaston Bachekard 'The poetics of space'. Visitors today art lovers Sharon and Gerard, visitor from Dublin had an interesting conversation on the housing market!
Jem Main( Director of Dorset Visual arts) arrived in leathers and a motorbike helmet ... Hot on the tract of Dorset visual arts artist studios. Check out photo of him in my quirky exhibition space... closely followed by Nickola Moore Pooles Art Development Manager and partner...
I felt very supported by D.V.A. and local authorities. Well last day tomorrow I plan to have a special event and wild party in the hut watch out for change...

Friday, 11 June 2010

Robert Smithson (Tribute Spinning Man)

Spiralling Man

Friday 11th June
Another interesting day, after yesterday . I videoed a spiralling man ...
what do you think? I was impressed by his improvisation .
Joined by my former Yoga teacher Liz and art lover Jan see picture.
Hot day predicted tomorrow 22 degrees.. Hot Hot I plan to be at the hut from 11.00 till 5.00p.m but text to be sure of seeing me 07791212809

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tribute to Robert Smithson

Thursday10 th June 2010 2.00 -3.00 p.m.
I was joined by my friend and collaborative artist Miriam Troth we discused the work of Smithson and I asked Miriam to film me making this tribute to the late Smithson. Spiral Jetty has been an inspiration to my work processes. Spiral Jetty a constructed earthworkon the salt lakes of Utah U.S.A. by Smithson was created forty years ago. Smithson died in a plane accident after its construction.
One of my favourite works of Smithson is floating Island. A man-made island with plants and trees pulled by a small tug boat along the Manhattan shoreline. Film Recording Miriam Troth Editing Diane Roberts

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

TODAY 2.00-3.00 P.M
I will be performing a tribute to Robert Smithson Artist creator of Spiral Jetty, 2.00-3.00 P.M at the ~studio beach hut as a part of Dorset Arts weeks.

Studio Beach Hut

24B Bournemouth West Undercliff Promenade

Situated between Bournemouth Pier and Durley Chine

At the pier turn right and walk along until the cliff lift and beach amenities Diane’s hut is in a new block of private beach huts just after the amenities.

Spiral Jetty(excerpts)1970 BY ROBERT SMITHSON

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Feet in the sea

Joined by Robyn my daughter she had a video idea..
Talking About Robert Smithson environmental artist of spiral jetty in salt lake city.. we experienced a great gust of wind and everything got blown away.. he died in a plane crash..

I hope to do some environmental small scale work later on in the week. Miriam Troth Artist my collaborative art friend will be joining me on Thursday at the hut to work on a few ideas...

Sunday 6th June
Another fine but gusty day. The day started slowly but I finished a few card paintings of figures by the sea, then was joined by frined clare Shervin (Artist Designer) and Peter John Cooper( live artist ,performer , poet, theare director) we had a lively discussion about the state of the arts over a cup of good old English Breakfast tea..

Saturday, 5 June 2010

beach hut interior.MOV

Saturday 5 th June

Another even better day ...
the weather was not quite as hot but still very warm and people were swimming in the sea. Got the hut open and started painting lots of visitors people finding the studio from the brochure. Some passers by found it interesting and I had great conversations.. found out the Jane Goodall the great naturalist now lives in Bournemouth Nancy was thinking of doing something next year to celebrate her birthday. Graduate Emmco and son Tom dropped by for a chat.
Tracyey McGarrigan our area co-ordinator visited and it was great to chat.

Saturday 5th June

Friday, 4 June 2010

Tony Maestri and photographer friend Mike

June 4th,

The best day yet for visitors. Christine Aziz play-writer turned up on her bike we discussed the Mary Shelley Weekend scheduled later this year in October.

new photo

3rd June
Another lovely day first two visitors were potter Fiona Kelly and friend and rather lovely dog.
had a good chat about having a beach hut creative festival some time.

I got very board so started doing colour studies and a very ego based picture of Bournemouth Pier but it got attention ..
saw bees few more visitors the American laly how had telephoned me several times found me thank god!
no sales but good conversation Why am I doing this ? i say to people to promote the arts in Dorset..

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Diane Roberts
Studio Beach Hut
24B Bournemouth West Undercliff Promenade
Situated between Bournemouth Pier and Durley Chine
At the pier turn right and walk along until the cliff lift and beach amenities Diane’s hut is in a new block of private beach huts just after the amenities.

Diane will be opening her private beach hut during Dorset Arts Weeks showing raw and natural work inspired by this fantastic location.
Diane works in water colour and oil all works are for sale
M.T . 07791212809
Web site
Open every day 11.00am till 5 .00p.m