Friday, 5 February 2016

Day 4 Professional Oils

Day 4
Studio Craft 
Subtractive Mixing 
Value optics
E'bauche and Direct painting methods
 Martin talked about Gestalt suggestive visual ambiguity 
Related to what you can make the viewer believe from as few marks as possible.

Today we made a study from a Seago 
Painting using the Direct painting method.
First stage make a pencil sketch
Stage 2 
'Colour Beginings'
A colour  E' bauche
Rag in use 50 50 paint to medium 
20 minutes 

This is my colour beginnings 
Stage 3
Blocking using a size 12 filbert brush 
No medium dry brush no cleaning mix all colours on the pallet  with the brush.
1.30 minutes 
This is my blocking stage 
Lots of Tonking and more colour contrasts 
Next stage 4
Work on creating focal point using 4
filber Brush in this case I chose to work on the golden section area blocking in buildings and back grounds creating contrasts.1.30 minutes

Last of all stage 5
Everything must be done in the under painting, then last of all add the Impasto 
Pallet knife work only to the focal 
points .
don't forget to create a colour counter- change 
Warm impasto and cool impasto.

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