Thursday, 29 December 2016

Please comment on What Do you see?

During the exhibition Ink Water Paper at Bridport Art Centre I am inviting audience participation. By writing a comment and posting in my mirror Box at the Gallery or by posting comments on my Blog. All comments will be replied to and it is hoped to make a performance piece to be performing at Bridport Art Centre on Saturday 4th Feb at 11.30 a.m outside the Art Centre. Free performance donation well come.


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    1. Dear Hotel Island, glad you saw the article.
      Thanks for your comments. I have decided to work out a performance work incorporating you helpful advice and will keep you informed of my progress. 🐬❤️🌷

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    1. TJ Trading thank you for responding to my information I am glad you found it helpful.
      I will keep you informed about the date and times of the performance.������

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    1. iTools Mobile Service thank you for your comments I will certainly keep you information on record.������

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    1. Dear UniversalTelecoms I will really keep you number on my records , especially for my performance.������

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    1. UniversalTelecoms so pleased you interested to look at me twice I will really keep you on record.����